41: White Rider

After an almost-disastrous early game when your opponent came out of the gates with a turn-two Pain Seer, you’ve finally managed to stabilize the table. From there, you’ve managed to get Leticia back on the defensive, limiting her to the occasional cautious attack and bringing this game to the later stages.

On the turn in which you played your sixth land, you landed a Kraken of the Straits on the table. This allowed you to strike for six unblockable damage each turn, considering that none of Leticia’s other creatures were big enough to overcome the big squid’s ability. You almost didn’t mind that drawing lands for the next few turns.

Leticia wasn’t done with the game yet, though. She drew her card for the turn, tapped all her lands, and windmill-slammed one of her bombs: Ashen Rider. Your Kraken was an easy target to get pushed into exile, and without it, you don’t have much of an offense left.

When Leticia declared the end of her turn, the first thing you did was activate and sacrifice your Font of Fortunes in response. If you were going to find a solution, you needed to do so, and fast. Fortunately the next couple of cards from your deck weren’t lands: Defend the Hearth and Savage Surge.

You pause, look at the cards now in your hand, and start laughing.

Leticia gives you a very strange look. “What, are you going to win on your next turn or something?” she asks.

“Even better,” you say.

Leticia has just declared the end of her turn. Can you win the game before her turn ends?

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Leticia is at 8 life, and has no untapped lands. She has the following cards in play:

You are at 7 life. You have the following cards in play:

Your cards in hand: