40: Hail to the King

Your green-white deck is designed to gain massive amounts of life en route to a victory, but it’s not doing very well at the table today. That might be because your opponent’s red-black deck is dedicated to delivering a constant amount of pain throughout the game.

Still, you’ve managed to hold out rather well. You’re currently sitting at 11 life after Rolf’s last attack, with the possibility of remaining stable over the next few turns. Then again, that’s what you were thinking before Rolf tapped some lands, sacrificed all of his Eldrazi Spawn tokens, and dropped an Artisan of Kozilek on the table. Considering that the Artisan brought a Bearer of the Heavens along for the ride, your position suddenly looks a lot less tenable.

Before all this happened, you were simply planning to activate your Oracle of Nectars before the end of Rolf’s turn. Now you need to do something else, and fast: you don’t want the threat of Bearer of the Heavens‘ ability dogging you for the next few turns.

Rolf has just declared the end of his turn. Can you win the game before your next turn runs out?

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Rolf is at 20 life, and has no cards in his hand. He has the following cards in play:

Rolf has the following cards in his graveyard:

You are at 11 life. You have the following cards in play:

Your cards in hand:

You have the following relevant cards in your graveyard: