Solution to 32: Trading Places

“Well,” Jun says, stretching. “That went well.”

“It did, didn’t it?”

“And you got the Nyx-Fleece Ram you promised,” she says. “Rin will want to see it.”

“I know.”

“I confess, though, that I lost track of what trades you were putting together. Do you remember how you managed to do it?”

“Sure,” you tell her. “It went like this…”

  1. Naeem trades Curse of the Bloody Tome for Velek’s Nyx-Fleece Ram.
  2. Jun trades Sea Gate Loremaster for Soledad’s Chromanticore.
  3. Jun trades Chromanticore for Naeem’s Nyx-Fleece Ram.
  4. Soledad trades Worldfire for Naeem’s Desert Twister.
  5. Velek trades Curse of the Bloody Tome for Soledad’s Desert Twister.
  6. Velek trades Smelt-Ward Gatekeepers for Jun’s Sire of the Storm.
  7. Soledad trades Doomgape for Jun’s Smelt-Ward Gatekeepers.
  8. Jun trades Hollowhenge Scavenger for Naeem’s Oakgnarl Warrior.
  9. Naeem trades Hollowhenge Scavenger for Velek’s Angelic Destiny.
  10. Soledad trades Ichor Explosion for Velek’s Hollowhenge Scavenger.
  11. Velek trades Mobile Fort for Jun’s Sen Triplets.
  12. Naeem trades Open the Vaults for Velek’s Sen Triplets.