34: House of Contracts

After three games, you finally managed to draw the Deathpact Angel you bought. It arrived at a point where your opponent had no creatures in play, so you were looking forward to making some sizeable dents in his life total.

Unfortunately for you, Walid brought his Progenitor Mimic along. Playing the Mimic as a copy of your Angel wasn’t bad enough, though: What was really bad was doing it with Pandemonium in play, turning the tables in one fell swoop. Now your Deathpact Angel‘s staring at you from your graveyard, while Walid’s in a position to create more copies of her. The fact that your opponent’s still at 20 life leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Walid announces the end of his turn, and you look through the cards in your hand to see if you should do anything before your turn starts. The next two cards of your library aren’t much to talk about, but they’ll have to do.

Your opponent isn’t expecting you to deal 20 points of damage in one turn.

You have to prove him wrong, you think.

Walid has just declared the end of his turn. Can you win the game before your next turn runs out?

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Walid is at 20 life and has no cards in his hand. He has the following cards in play:

You are at 5 life. You have the following cards in play:

Your cards in hand:

The top two cards of your library (which you know due to Ponder) are:

You have one relevant card in your graveyard: