33: Out of the Pit

Your deck of bargain-box rares is losing right now. You may have gotten the more interesting cards today, but apparently Abby knows a lot more about deckbuilding than you do; her cards are a lot more synergistic than yours.

After a string of attacks in the air, you managed to get enough creatures on the table that Abby was forced to hold her creatures back for defense. You’re not completely out of the woods yet, though: Abby tapped out last turn for a substantial blocker in Anodet Lurker, and you still have no flying blockers on the table. All that your opponent needs to end the game is a single instant or sorcery on her next draw.

You don’t exactly have the advantage in numbers, but thanks to your Death Pit Offering, you do have the size advantage. That said, if you don’t break through Abby’s defense this turn, you’re opening yourself up to defeat, and another trip through the bargain box.

It is the beginning of your first main phase. Can you win the game this turn?

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Abby is at 7 life and has no cards in her hand. She has the following cards in play:

You are at 6 life. You have the following cards in play:

Your cards in hand:

You only have two creature cards in your graveyard: