29: Shot Through the Heart

Your opponent, Jurgen, admits that he didn’t draft a good deck. After you won your first game, you had to agree: Jurgen picked up some solid creatures during your booster draft, but few cards that can break through a substantial defense. As such, he was expecting most of his games to run into stalled boards.

Despite the fact that you’re at the lower life total right now, you’ve got the advantage. Destructor Dragon by itself is bigger than anything on Jurgen’s side, and the only thing that’s keeping it from attacking is the fact that your opponent dropped the last card in his hand — a Longshot Squad — last turn.

“I think I should concede,” Jurgen says. “There’s another event starting up.”

“But we’re almost done,” you tell him.

“I won’t get very far with this deck,” he says. “I might as well cut my losses now. I’ll drop and join the new draft.”

“Well, that’s no fun,” you say, and settle down. As much as you don’t like playing against board stalls, you also don’t like winning by concession.

“They’re taking signups now,” Jurgen says. “I can wait till you finish your turn, if you want.”

It is the beginning of your first main phase. Can you win the game this turn?

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Jurgen is at 12 life, and has no cards in his hand. He has the following cards in play:

You are at 5 life. You have the following cards in play:

Your cards in hand: