24: This Land is Your Land

You’ve had a number of new additions to your land collection, so you decided to go ahead with your deck idea: Terra Eternal, Nature’s Revolt, and so forth. You don’t have all the components yet, but you figured that it would be fun to put a precursor to the deck together.

Your opponent, Marie-Lise, agrees; it happens to be the same route she took for her Zombie deck. Unfortunately for you, that deck is the better-tuned one that’s kicking you in the teeth right now.

You haven’t drawn any of your important spells the whole game, although you’ve survived on the back of what few creatures you’ve managed to play. Last turn, however, Marie-Lise hit her eighth land and cast the Army of the Damned that she’d been holding in her hand since the start of the game. You’ve survived Shepherds of Rot, you’ve survived Gravecrawlers, and you’ve survived Cemetery Reaper eating all the cards in your graveyard… but there’s no way you can survive thirteen hungry zombie tokens right now.

To make matters a bit worse, you don’t have much in the way of colored mana. Your biggest blocker, Blastoderm, lost its last fade counter a couple of turns ago, and is now in your graveyard waiting for Cemetery Reaper‘s next harvest.

At this point, you’re thinking that the situation is impossible, and that you should just go home. But it turns out that that isn’t the case.

It is the beginning of your first main phase. Win the game this turn.

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Marie-Lise is at 9 life, and has no untapped lands. She has these cards in play:

You are at 10 life. You have these cards in play:

Your cards in hand:

You currently only have one card in your graveyard: