22: The Gravest Consequence

You met Nathalie at your local game store, where she had just purchased a Khans of Tarkir booster box. You were buying a box of Fate Reforged yourself, and after a little small talk, you decided to make the most of your new packages by opening some packs and having a game or two.

Your first game proved to be a good one: You played an early Kin-Tree Invocation, which dominated the table until Nathalie took it down with a well-timed Throttle. After that, however, she gained back a lot of lost ground on the strength of a few Dash creatures. Now you’re on the verge of death: three life won’t take you very far against an opponent with more creatures than you.

After attacking with two flyers earlier in the turn, Nathalie played a Bloodfell Caves: Based on what she’s been playing, you know that her cards in hand are an Alesha’s Vanguard and a Goblin Heelcutter. Unfortunately, you also know that at six mana, she can play both of their Dash costs next turn and attack with a massive number of creatures.

With the Taigam’s Scheming you played last turn, you know the five cards that are on top of your library. That sixth land changes your plans, though: You need to do something very soon if you want to win this.

Nathalie gently taps the table. “Any responses?” she asks.

Nathalie has just declared the end of her turn. Can you win the game before your next turn runs out?

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Nathalie is at 7 life. She has these cards in play:

Nathalie has the following cards in her hand:

You are at 3 life. You have these cards in play:

You have the following cards in your hand:

You have the following cards in your graveyard:

The top five cards of your library are, from topmost to bottommost: