10: To Take the Throne

So far your match with Silaluk has been a battle of the bombs: She won your first game with some high-powered creatures and a Dragon Throne of Tarkir; you took game two on the back of Zurgo Helmsmasher. Now you’re deep into your third game, and the cards are coming out to play.

You played Zurgo Helmsmasher last turn and hit Silaluk for seven, threatening to run over the rest of her creature base. On her turn, Silaluk decided to dig for answers with a Treasure Cruise — and promptly drew her Dragon Throne of Tarkir, which she immediately played.

Given the state of the board, that Dragon Throne is very likely to kill you before Zurgo can do his job, so the first thing you did during your turn was to cast Set Adrift on it, exiling almost all the cards in your graveyard to do so. That’s when Silaluk cast Crippling Chill on your Zurgo, setting back your offense a couple of turns and getting back her Throne.

Unknown to Silaluk, however, you have a second win condition in your deck. A Flying Crane Technique is waiting on top of your library (thanks to Taigam’s Scheming), but you still need to survive until your next turn. As it looks, Silaluk is going to cast that Dragon Throne before that, equip it to her Canyon Lurkers, then run you over with a massive amount of damage.

Your objective is clear at this point: You have to get rid of that Dragon Throne of Tarkir in Silaluk’s hand. But how?

It is the middle of your first main phase. Stop Silaluk from playing the Dragon Throne of Tarkir in her hand before her next turn.

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Silaluk is at 14 life. She has only one card in hand: a Dragon Throne of Tarkir. She has these cards in play:

You are at 16 life. You have these cards in play:

Your cards in hand:

There is only one creature card remaining in your graveyard: Ainok Bond-Kin.