Solution to 6: Do the Dead Sing?

There’s not a lot of effort involved here once you realize that Svetlana can’t block your flying creatures. The only twist lies in finding a way to get that last point of damage, but Drain Life provides an easy option.

  1. Declare the start of your combat phase, assigning both your Skulking Ghost and your Fallen Angel to attack. With no flying creatures, Svetlana can’t block either; the Ghost and the Angel deal a total of 5 damage. Svetlana is now at 1 life.
  2. Tap the Soldevi Adnate and sacrifice the Tar Pit Warrior to add to your mana pool (one used as generic mana).
  3. Spend to cast Drain Life for 1, targeting Svetlana. The Drain Life deals 1 damage, defeating Svetlana.