6: Do the Dead Sing?

Somebody left a couple of old decks in your local game store’s bargain box, which you and Svetlana discovered just a few minutes ago. There were some gaps in these decks — a few of the more valuable cards had already been taken — but you decided to fill them with what you could find.

Now you find yourself piloting an aggressive monoblack deck. Svetlana, on the other hand, has been the recipient of a white-red deck built around Enduring Renewal; while you’ve been trying to beat her down to zero life, she’s been holding the fort until she can find her infinite combo.

Svetlana made her move a couple of turns ago: She cast Armageddon and Enduring Renewal on the same turn, wiping out your lands and making sure that you weren’t going to cast anything anytime soon. You’re *this* close to defeating her — but that last bit of damage has been elusive, and she’s willing to just sit and wait to draw a Goblin Bombardment for the win.

You take your draw for the turn, and pull a Songs of the Damned. That wasn’t the swamp you were hoping for, but you might just be able to make this work…

It is the beginning of your first main phase. Win the game this turn.

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Svetlana is at 6 life, and is waiting to draw a Goblin Bombardment to complete her infinite combo and win the game. She has these cards in play:

Because Enduring Renewal forces Svetlana to play with her hand revealed, you know what she’s holding in hand:

You are at 3 life. You have these cards in play:

Your cards in hand:

You currently have no creature cards in your graveyard.