5: The Binding of Scuttles

You can hear someone whispering over your shoulder. “That’s turn four,” the mystery bystander says. “It’s gonna be a draw.”

You started off the tournament with a serviceable black-red deck, and it’s handled the competition well… until you ran into Ardy’s blue-green fighter. After you won a decisive first game, Ardy swung back hard to take the second one, and your third game has gone long enough that you’re the only players who haven’t finished their match.

Despite an early offensive from Ardy, you managed to stabilize the board mid-game.You thought you had it all wrapped up as recently as last turn when you cast Scuttling Doom Engine and used Hammerhand to get it past a Wall of Frost. But Ardy continued to fight back, dropping a Frost Lynx to pin down the Engine and bringing you to a low life total with his Siege Wurm.

Your opponent glances at you. Ardy has been surveying the table for the longest time, and even he’s resigned to the fact that you’re both going to have to split this match. “I declare the end of my turn,” he finally says. “Any instants or abilities?”

“I’m thinking,” you tell him.

“Let’s just make it a draw,” Ardy says. “I know that your next card is that Forge Devil I cast Chronostutter on, and it won’t be enough for you to get through.”

You call the judge, and she comes over. “So… it’s a draw?” she asks.

“Hardly,” you say. “I think I can win this.”

Ardy has just declared the end of his turn. Can you win the game before your next turn runs out?

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Ardy has just declared the end of his turn, which is the fourth of five extra turns. You must win the game by the end of the next turn, or else your match will be a draw.

Ardy is at 9 life, and has no cards remaining in his hand. He has these cards in play:

You are at 3 life. You have these cards in play:

Your cards in hand:

As Ardy mentioned, the top card of your library is a Forge Devil.

Note that you may still cast instants or activate abilities before your next turn starts.