3: Sequences

“Could you mind the store for a while?” Bhaskar asks. “I need to meet my wife outside.”

“Sure,” you say. After all, who wouldn’t want this kind of access to their local game store?

“There’s just one thing,” Bhaskar says. “I’m expecting a delivery. You’ll need to receive it for me.”

“Okay. What is it?”

Bhaskar scratches his head. “It’s a little hard to explain,” he says. Then he reaches behind the counter and pulls out five cards, four of which he places on the table in order: Fugitive Wizard, Grizzly Bears, Giant Octopus, and Rhox Brute.

“These four cards make a sequence,” Bhaskar explains. “Now, what do you think the next card in the sequence is?”

“Well, that’s a 1/1 followed by a 2/2, a 3/3 and a 4/4. And they’re all vanilla, so the fifth card would have to be a 5/5 vanilla creature… Hollowhenge Beast?”

“Right,” Bhaskar says, smiling. “Exactly right.”

“So what does this have to do with the delivery?”

“I collected eight five-card sequences similar to the one I showed you,” Bhaskar says, “and I got a woodworking service to frame them so that I could hang them around the store. All eight are supposed to arrive today. I need you to receive them, and then check if they’re okay.”

“I can do that,” you say.

“Make sure you do,” Bhaskar says, and then he’s out the door.

It’s only once he’s outside that you notice the battered package sitting outside the store’s entrance. The package arrived! But it looks worn and bent out-of-shape, with a tear in one corner and some dampness down one side.

You haul the package inside, open it up, and discover that the frames have been damaged. Each sequence is now missing its last card, and these missing cards are lying in a heap at the bottom of the box.

Can you complete the sequences by matching the correct cards to them?

Click the image for a larger version.

You may choose from the following cards: Courier’s Capsule, Grounded, Liliana of the Dark Realms, Raised by Wolves, Stabbing Pain, Stone Rain, Sundering Growth, Memnite.

Sequence 1:

  1. Unsummon
  2. Knighthood
  3. Vitalize
  4. Sacred Nectar

Sequence 2:

  1. Conqueror’s Pledge
  2. Skittering Invasion
  3. Revel of the Fallen God
  4. Feral Incarnation

Sequence 3:

  1. Dark Impostor
  2. Vein Drinker
  3. Priest of Iroas
  4. Rune-Cervin Rider

Sequence 4:

  1. Hada Freeblade
  2. Krark-Clan Ogre
  3. Magnetic Flux
  4. Mad Prophet

Sequence 5:

  1. Dune-Brood Nephilim
  2. Hazezon Tamar
  3. Giant Solifuge
  4. Willow Faerie

Sequence 6:

  1. Stonehorn Chanter
  2. Dementia Bat
  3. Hunting Triad
  4. Electropotence

Sequence 7:

  1. Rushwood Elemental
  2. Elemental Appeal
  3. Fated Infatuation
  4. Celestial Flare

Sequence 8:

  1. Aurelia’s Fury
  2. Scorched Earth
  3. Myr Battlesphere
  4. Death Cloud